Lined Copper Mugs: The Next Best Alternative To Pure Copper

Who these mugs are best suited for

These lined double wall mugs are best for those who appreciate the beauty of copper, but who might be a bit non-committal about maintenance.  The stainless-steel inner wall does not require special care.  However, it does not conduct temperature anywhere nearly as well as pure copper does, so drinks won’t feel as cold.  The main reason to use copper vessels (besides their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties) is conductivity. 

However, they are just as beautiful as unlined pure copper mugs and they come with a protective lacquer on the outside (we never use chemical lacquers inside).

Let's recap


  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • We offer the high-end version of the stainless-steel varieties - double walled!
  • No problem leaving acidic drinks in the mug for extended periods.
  • They have lacquer on the outer copper wall, so they will remain bright & shiny.


  • Less conductivity than pure copper.
  • Not the authentic Moscow Mule experience.
  • While just as beautiful in appearance, you miss out on the key features of copper.

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