Make 2019 the Year Of Good Manners

Urban Vintage LA Dinner Party

Do you ever find yourself feeling angst before a dinner party?

Have you wondered what makes someone a delightful guest?

We certainly have.

We decided to make 2019 a year to focus on etiquette and good manners. We begin our twelve-part series with this first edition: Becoming a Delightful Dinner Guest (and yes, it involves eating your vegetables).

The Rules of Engagement

Being invited to a dinner party is an honor that calls on the guest to rise to the occasion. If you remember these rules, it can be as easy as apple pie.

1) Bring your hostess a gift

 Urban Vintage LA Lined Moscow Mule Copper Mugs


Aside from our upscale Moscow Mule copper mugs sets, which you already know make a wonderful hostess gift, you can also opt for something simpler: flowers in a vase. 

HOWEVER, make sure you don’t bring the hostess a bouquet. She will need to scramble to find a vase and trim the bottom of the flowers to put them in water. It is distracting when she is in the middle of orchestrating a dinner event.  Bring the flowers already in the vase, ready to display.  

DO NOT bring food unless you’ve cleared it with the hostess in advance.  She has spent time assembling her menu. The food you bring might not go well. 

And, most importantly, DO NOT bring wine. Leave the wine in the hands of your hostess. A wine has been selected that goes well with the dinner. What you bring might not work. 

2) Do not arrive early

Urban Vintage LA - Do Not Arrive Early

The hostess will be putting the finishing touches on everything. You shouldn’t interrupt this precious time. Rather, aim to arrive between five or ten minutes late.

3) Show how charming you are by being a great conversationalist

Urban Vintage LA Topics for Dinner Party

It is your MAIN duty as a guest. 

Current events are great topics but steer clear of intense political debates. Other great ideas for conversations are music, passion projects, and favorite new movies. 

 Avoid talking about religion, and please leave shop talk for later!

4) Thank the hostess

Urban Vintage LA Thank You Note

Before you leave, express how much you’ve enjoyed the dinner party. Call or send a note the day after and thank her again, mentioning something specific such as the food or the attention that made you feel special as a guest.

Here at Urban Vintage LA, the best place to buy copper mugs, we are confident you are on your way to becoming a delightful dinner guest!

 Remember, the most important word in etiquette is CONSIDERATION. When you are considerate, it is impossible to fail!

 We hope 2019 is off to a great start. Stay tuned for our second edition: Five Secrets to Fabulous Hosting.