Moscow Mule Copper Mug


These mugs are made of 100% solid copper (no nickel, tin, steel or other metals).  Solid copper tarnishes with exposure to liquids and moisture in the air. It is completely normal and to be expected of pure copper!


As soon as you have enjoyed your drink, hand wash the mug with warm water, mild soap and a soft sponge.  Double dry with a soft towel.


Keeping the mug dry keeps tarnish to a minimum.  

DO NOT place in dishwasher.

DO NOT use for hot drinks.  The heat will travel to the handle and burn your hand. 

DO NOT place in the microwave. 

DO NOT wash with abrasive sponge or harsh detergents.

DO NOT leave drinks sitting in mug overnight.


Your mug will develop some tarnish naturally.  It is completely normal.  The best way to reduce the occurrence of tarnish is by not allowing drinks to sit in the mug overnight and by thoroughly drying the mug after washing.

We recommend drying the mug with a towel, then using a second dry towel to remove any excess water.


If tarnish spots do develop, apply a home-made acid such as lime juice and table salt for  2-3 minutes, then wipe thoroughly with a soft towel.  It is important, that once more, the mug is hand dried so no moisture stays behind.