1. Why is the Moscow Mule served in unlined pure copper mugs?

    Unlined pure copper mugs boast the honor of being the most highly conductive of all copper mugs.  Made of 100% solid copper, with no inner lining, they keep your drinks arctic cold and transfer that cold crisp feeling to your hands and lips so splendidly.  It’s no surprise that they caused sensation in the 1940s Los Angeles scene when the Moscow Mule was first created.  There is simply no better conductor of temperature than pure copper.  Period.

    2. Should I worry about drinking Moscow Mules in unlined copper mugs?


      According to Trisha Andrew, assistant professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at UMass Amherst, “you would have to let the copper mug sit in straight lime juice [significantly more acidic than a Moscow Mule] for a few hours before you can even start to begin to worry about [copper poisoning].  Besides, the nasty metallic taste would stop you from continuing to drink your beverage.  She explains further, “even if you’re nursing the drink all night, “based on dissolution rates, it’s just nonsensical.”

      These classic beauties received some unfair bad press recently.  Andrew called it “chemophobic fear-mongering.”  Read about this here.

      To err on the side of caution, it is recommended that you do not allow acidic drinks to sit in them for extended periods and that they are washed soon after each use to prevent tarnish.

      3.  Why are unlined pure copper mugs better than lined ones? 

      Copper has higher conductivity than other metals – it makes any drink served in it frosty and refreshing! Pure copper has been used for thousands of years in many cultures to store water for medicinal and health purposes (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties).  Mixing other metals with copper lowers its conductivity so drinks do not remain as cold. They also tend to be lighter weight than the heavier pure copper mugs.  Read about copper mug lining here.

      4. Why are some mugs lined with stainless-steel and other linings?  

      Because they are cheaper to manufacture. China produces many of the cheaper versions, making them of stainless-steel and merely coating them with copper on the outside.  Read about copper mug lining here.

      5. Where are your mugs made? 
        Our mugs are handmade in Northern India by skilled copper artisans.
        6.  What’s in a Moscow Mule anyway? 

        Moscow Mules are made of vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and ice cubes. Simple, but never boring! We include a recipe book with your purchase of our exclusive set of four.  Moscow Mule Recipe.

        7.  How do I care for unlined copper mugs?  

        See care instructions here.