Moscow Mule History

The Birth of the Famous Cocktail


Cock'n Bull Bar Los Angeles


It’s 1941 in Los Angeles…

The Cock’n Bull bar on the Sunset Strip is creating a craze among the movie making crowd with a new cocktail called  THE MOSCOW MULE.

This new cocktail marries vodka with ginger beer and lime.  It is served in an unlined copper mug– needed to produce the chemical reaction necessary to give the Moscow Mule cocktail its characteristic taste.

At the time, Americans strongly associated vodka with Russia, hence “MOSCOW”.  The “Mule” part comes from homage to the kick from ginger beer.

The combination of these two words, along with its presentation in an UNLINED COPPER MUG gave this cocktail instant personality.  The Moscow Mule became such an iconic force that the drink and the mug are now inseparable.  This refreshing and light drink is big on personality, and continues to be a favorite.