Other Mule Recipes



The Recipe:

1.5 oz. of your favorite tequila
3 oz. Ginger beer
Juice of half a lime

2 or 3 ice cubes

Garnish: a fresh lime wedge

Combine all ingredients. Add ice; shake well and strain. Serve over ice in a copper mug. Garnish with a fresh lime wedge.


The Recipe:

2 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon

0.5 oz Fresh lime juice

Ginger Beer

Garnish: Mint sprigs

Combine all ingredients. Add ice.  Serve over ice in a copper mug. Garnish with mint sprigs.


The Recipe:

1 1/2 ounces mezcal

1 ounce ginger beer

3/4 ounce lime juice

3/4 ounce passion fruit purée

1/2 ounce agave nectar

3 slices cucumber

Garnish: 1 slice cucumber, candied ginger and chili powder

Add cucumber slices and agave syrup to a mixing glass and muddle.  Add all other ingredients and ice and shake until chilled.  Strain over ice into a chilled copper mug. Garnish with a slice of cucumber, a piece of candied ginger and dust gently with chili powder.